Lipsticks Galore! | Avon Swatches

Hey my lovelies! so its been a while since I have posted on my blog, but i promise after next week i will be on it! ;) 

So I thought I would kick off this post with letting you all know how much i have fell in love with AVON's lipsticks! They are amazing! super soft and so shiny so they glisten in the light giving you the plump and smouldering effect ;) not to mention they are super creamy and soft and don't dry your lips out at all! #loveit would definitely recommend buying these lipsticks to anyone!

So I bought a fair few......11 *cough*..... all shades are of berry and pinky nudes :) there from a number of the different ranges that AVON have, and the ones I selected from include:

  • Perfect Kiss collection
  • Luxe Couture Creme
  • ANEW Youth Awakening
  • Ultra Colour Rich Brilliance 
  • Ultra Colour
  • Ultra Colour Absolute

My 11 pretty shades and they have such cute names!! -
 From top left going across these shades are:
Pink Renewal
Lustering Nude
Sparkling Nude 
Pink Satin
Red Embrace
Berry Bloom
Loving Lilac
Tea Rose
Red 2000

The berry colours are highly pigmented and you only need a little of the product to make it show on the lips, which means they will last so long!! Im loving the shade sparkling nude at the moment, its so pretty and subtle and its a lovely summer shade!

If you haven't already, go check out AVON, amazing prices & amazing products, you will not be disappointed!

Thank you for reading my lovelies!



  1. The lighter nude shades look stunning, they suit your skin tone perfectly!:) X

  2. thank you :)! i love the nude shades too they're so pretty :) x