Color Riche Collection Exclusive by Julianne Moore

A silky everyday lipstick that will go with any outfit!

Color Riche Collection Exclusive by Julianne Moore - Barley Peach

After seeing the stunning advert on my tv for this new collection of lipsticks from L'Oreal Paris, I knew I had to get one. I have become so obsessed with lipsticks recently, that when ever I see something new I just want to try it out! Theres just something about my makeup that doesn't feel complete until I sign it off with a key lipstick & a pout...anyone with me?

The Collection Exclusive has a range of Reds & Nudes, but having so many red lipsticks, I wanted to choose something that I could wear everyday, that wasn't too "statement", so I decided to go with Julianne Moore's nude shade. It's this really pretty pinky peach colour with a slight golden glittery sheen to it that just glides on so effortlessly on the lips. For the price of just £8.19 I have found that it's so so moisturising, smells incredible!! (something I'm a big fan of) & is super soft in's kind of almost creamy like? If that makes sense! This colour is quite close to my natural lip colour, so the payoff isn't brilliant, but I am sure if I got another colour it would last all day, without any drying to the lips.

Another thing that drew me to this collection, is like most of L'Oreal's lipsticks, there is something that feels expensive about it & the packaging just adds to that with all the beautiful black and gold branding & if you read any of my posts you will know that I am huge on branding & packaging. I have fallen in love with this lipstick & for the price I might try out a few more shades from both collections, would you like me to try some more out?...I think I should ;)..Anyway enough of me! It is such a must for anyone and I would recommend you trying it out, you will not be disappointed & will fall in love with it in seconds!

Thank you my lovelies for reading & Let me know your thoughts :)


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