Dolce By Dolce & Gabbana

This definitely needs to go on my list of most favourite perfumes of all time!

Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana 

I have been wanting to get my hands on this perfume ever since the advert came out & I scurried to Boots to smell it! I have a thing for smelling new fragrances straight away whether it be mens or womens & this smells just as beautiful, sweet & floral as the bottle looks.

As you all know I am huge on packaging so obviously the packaging is what made me want it even more, with the classy bow round the neck, to the stunning flower topper. I also love the colour of the perfume in general showing through the clear glass, just stunning! With it being an EDP the scent lasts for so long & the compliments I get when wearing this perfume are endless! To me, upon first sprayed, it reminds me a lot of Parma Violets (if you remember those little purple sweeties that come stacked in a twisty wrapper), that what it really smells like, but with that floral undertone that comes after a couple of minutes.

Every perfume could smell slightly different on other people, so when trying one out I would definitely recommend spraying it on your wrist instead of the test paper, & leaving it a few minutes, so you can smell the true scent of what it would be once reacted with your natural oils. 

If you love your sweet floral smells like me, I would definitely say this perfume is the choice for you & if you haven't smelt it yet, I would get your butts down to Boots or any perfume shop as you will totally fall in love with it!

Have any of you smelt or tried this out yet? Let me know :)


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