Clinique Minis

Every Little helps!

Clinique SuperPrimer Universal 
Blushing Blush Powder Blush - Sunset Glow
High Impact Curling Mascara 
Almost Lipstick - Black Honey

I wanted to show you all these cute little Clinique minis that I receive in a gift bag, and have been trying them out for the past few week now. Some of them I have used more than others and would definitely purchase them at full price.

I personally have never been one for Primers because I find they make my skin break out and go worse from using them, but I decided to try this one out and see how it goes. As with most primers you only need a little blob on your fingers and put it in the places that seem most oily to hold your makeup in place. It did really work for myself, especially down my nose and chin because my makeup seems to slide off quicker there. I haven't had a breakout with this one after using it for a week, although I have only started using it now for nights out, or under my eyes to hold my concealer in place. It really is a lovely primer too :) So if you find your one for using primers I would definitely give this one a try!

For myself personally I usually got for a pinky / coral type blusher with my makeup as I don't really use a lot of bronzer and love that english rose look. Although a beautiful colour, this for me I found came out quite dark on my skin & that is probably because its so pigmented that you only need a light dusting of it on your brush. If you prefer a more bronzed look to your cheeks without them looking too dark I would recommend this and I do think it would actually look a lot nicer on tanned holiday skin just to give a little glimmer to your face on a night out :]

For any of you that follow me on any social media, you will know that I struggle to move on from mascaras once I have found the one I love & unfortunately this still stands. Although I found this mascara so lovely to use & the brush is perfect for creating volume & curled lashes, for myself it just didn't coat my lashes enough. I prefer a full eyelash look & although this one separates your lashes, doesn't create clumps, doesn't crumble throughout the day & makes them look lovely and long, it just didn't coat them enough for me, again this depends on how you like your lashes to look.

Out of everything I received in the gift bag, the Almost Lipstick has to be one of the products that I use on a daily basis & has now made its way into my handbag! It smells absolutely lovely & is so rich, smooth and moisturising that my lips feel so plump once I have put it on. It gives a subtle berry colour to the lips and leaves them feeling hydrated & with a lovely shiny finish. I have found it a perfect lipstick to wear to work as it isn't too strong a colour & just keeps my lips looking lovely all day. A definite must & full size purchase!

Thank you lovelies for reading & if you have tried any of these out, let me know your thoughts below!


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