Glimmerstick Flick


A super easy liner!

AVON Glimmersticks Flick Eyeliner

I have been after an easy eyeliner tool for so long & didn't want to pay too much as I don't wear it that often. After using E.L.F's cream liner with an angled liner brush for a while now, I decided I wanted to try an all in one tool & came across AVONs for just £6, so decided to give it a try!

Being part of their Hollywood collection, it only comes in the colour black which I wanted anyway so I wasn't too fussed :) They do have another collection with much more colour choice. It came in this pretty little box with gold and red branding and looks almost like a pencil with a pull of lid to reveal a twist top. The product feels nice and sturdy & I love how the liner is angled for ease of application.

It is much softer than a pencil so you don't get that coarse sensation when applying, but it does take a few overlays to create a darker look. For people who prefer a liner look that isn't too harsh, this is perfect! as it is so easy to blend in. I must admit I don't find its lasting power all that long, something between 3 to 4 hours I would say, and although it says it's waterproof, I found it rubs off quite easily, so one to avoid if your planning on dancing the night away! could always try setting the liner with a black powder, or setting spray and see how that works? I will try it out & let you all know! 

If you prefer a blendable liner look and are wanting a liner that is cheap & easily applied I would defiantly recommend, but for long wear, I would avoid. Although its lasting power isn't great, I still find this liner a nice little product for the price & will continue to use it :)

Keep your eyes peeled for a makeup look featuring this liner :]

Have any of you tried AVON's eye products before? Let me know!

Thank you lovelies for reading!


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