My May Favourites

I guess it's been a while!

Johnson Baby Shampoo - Boots
Re-gen cream - Asda / Home bargains
Mango Body Butter - The Body Shop
Mango Body Scrub - The Body Shop
Sweet Vanilla & Coconut Candle - Primark
Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo - Superdrug
Barry M Chisel Cheek Contour Kit - Superdrug
Lip Liner in Mulberry - Barry M*
Gelly Hi Shine Lip in Orion - Barry M*
Lash Vegas Mascara - Barry M*
Maybelline "Love This Sweater" Nail Polish - Boots
Essence The Nudes I Love Trends - Boots
Maybelline Super Stay 7 Rose Nude - Boots
Real Techniques - Sculpting & Expert face brushes - Superdrug
Loreal Collection by Julianne - Boots
Bourjois Liner Feutre Eye Liner - Boots

Hi lovelies! I know it has been a while since I last did a post, I have been super busy with work & haven't had time to take some photos and show you all what I have been loving! I will be getting back on it this month with positive thoughts, lots of products & being healthy so there are plenty of posts heading your way.

Kicking off this months posts with what I was loving throughout May. I have been totally loving Johnsons baby shampoo for about 2 months now & it has been my go to shampoo of all time recently. I have been trying to leave my hair to grow out naturally & yes that means the all mighty, unsightly roots! but I am wanting my hair to be healthy like it once were & that means less heat & chemicals. Given that Johnsons baby shampoo is one that has less sulphate in it which can be damaging to hair, I decided to give it a go & my hair has never looked so healthy! this teamed with less chemical & natural drying is beginning to show results of strength & this is why it has made it into my faves :)

I cannot speak highly of the Re-Gen cream that I have been using for a few months now. I will go into more detail on it, in an up and coming post, but it has definitely quenched my skins thirst & given it some life back & for just £5.50 it has been my go to moisturiser for a while now, super thick, super cream & smells so so good!

It's no secret that The Body Shop's products work wonders for everyone & smell absolutely amazing! The body butter spends its life in my handbag & I have just ran out of the body scrub that leaves my skin feeling super soft & smelling fruitalicious!

I cannot get enough of Primarks candles!! £2 and they are amazing! This one in particular I am in love with. It smells gorgeous & they last so long too! I burn mine for atleast 3 - 4 hours a night & I have had it for well over a week now, with still loads left. It's safe to say I have been back a few times to purchase this candle & will continue to do so. 

I have tried a few dry shampoos in the past, but I always end up going back to these Batiste ones, definitely my favourite ones. The hi-shine gelly lips from Barry M have always been a huge favourite with me, besides trying to sharpen them! but I do rate the majority of Barry M's products quite highly, and the liners match up to that. 

I have been really into my nude / pinky shades recently, so these nudes varnishes from Maybelline and Essence and the Loreal lipstick have been my go to shades this past month. I have never really been one for eye liner as I find it gets messy throughout the day & I just can't keep my fingers off my eyes for some reason....i'm either rubbing them, getting something out of them or just doing something that equates to panda eyes, but for someone who loves liners it would be perfect, its ultra black, easy to apply & lasts for hours! providing you don't fiddle with your eyes like me!

Last but not least is the Barry M contour kit. Again I have never really been much for going the extra mile with makeup, as long as I have mascara and a base i'm happy, but I have been really into this contour palette recently! I will go further into detail in a separate post with before and afters, but for the price, it is a total bargain. Applying it with the Real Techniques sculpting brush has been a dream too, as everyone knows, their brushes are like the diamonds of the makeup brush world, super soft & very durable!

So this is what I have been loving the past month, let me know if any of you have tried these :)


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