Lining with Bourjois

I have really started getting into my eye makeup recently, and as part of that I have really been enjoying eyeliner a little more. I'm still not brave enough to create a really thick line though...but I will work my way up!

Bourjois Liner Feutre Eyeliner in Ultra Black | Boots

I have been absolutely loving this eye liner these past couple of months! I have dabbled in a few over the years, but nothing seems to compare to this one really. I have always been one to buy the kohl pencils and because of this, I haven't really enjoyed lining my eyes. I am yet to find a pencil thats soft enough that it doesn't scratch my lids (if any of you know any please let me know below) so this felt tip style was something new and exciting for me to try.

It is definitely up there as a product that you all really need to try. For a novice like me, I have never found lining my eyes that easy, I'm such an untidy liner applying,  but this liner is a real game changer for me & has totally changed my opinion....lining has never been so easy & quick too

The applicator gives perfect precision, to create either a thick or a thin line & trust me when I say that Bourjois definitely aren't lying when they say it's Ultra Black in colour and can we just take a minute to appreciate the fact that it is an absolute steal at £6.99 I mean, how amazing is that!? I have bought products in the past where I have had to build on top of them to create that dark line, but with this you do not have to worry about that...perfect black application with just the first stroke!

For anyone that isn't that confident with eye liner & finds it a struggle applying it evenly, this is perfect for you! A little tip that I have found to really help me, is to add a little strip of sellotape under your eye, up towards the end of your brow and line away, this just helps keep your cat flick consistent & neat. This liner has changed my opinion of eyeliners in general and readily becoming a part of my daily makeup routine.

Let me know if any of you have tried this liner before & thank you lovelies for reading.


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