Elf Cream Eyeliner Review

Hi everyone! and todays choice is.....Elf's Cream Eyeliner! yay!

A must have!

So....as part of my haul i decided to choose the cream eyeliner, i hadn't used an eyeliner for a while, and the ones i had used were always pencils or liquid liners.

For a change i decided to purchase this cream liner and all i can say is wow! I was not disappointed at all, and for the price...bargain! best value for money ever!

It came in this little bag sized cube with a nifty angled brush, the packaging feels sturdy and the seal is great.

The application is really easy and you only need the slightest amount on your brush as the colour is so dark and glides on perfectly! Its super smooth and the mini angled brush you get with it is the perfect tool for applying this liner.

The colour is a true black, and i found that it doesn't budge all day, today i have had it on for about 7 and a half hours and i haven't had any drop down at all. It also comes in 7 other beautiful shades and each have this soft texture and brilliant colour hue.

Below shows you my eyes before and after the eyeliner, the colour is really nice and it doesn't half make your eyes pop. I went for a slight small line as i didn't want to go too drastic for work, but as its easily build-able you can always create a thicker line, or even a cat flick at the end to round it all off :)!

If your thinking of buying a super expensive cream eyeliner then DONT, this one is perfect for the price, lasts all day without any touch up and it is easily build-able without the smudge.

The above image is my eyeliner just as i got home from work at about 17:30, it hasn't dropped down at all and i have no smudge marks under my eye, this is without touchup! 

Go go go! get yourself this eyeliner at eyeslipsface.co.uk as  for £3.95 you will not be disappointed!

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