E.l.f Mineral Infused Face Primer Review

And todays choice is......

E.L.F's Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer!!

Every women's makeup bag essential! I decided to choose this product as there was a craze about it all over the internet, so i thought why not!! for the price i might as well :)

And yes! what a product for the price! 

The product itself comes in a plastic bottle with an all new air pump action dispenser and comes in a collection of colours. I decided to go with the colour "clear" as i just wanted a basic prime ready for my makeup application.

The pump application feels really sturdy and gives our just the right amount of product without over pump :)

ITS SO SOFT! - Thats what i say once i have applied it to my face :P, your face feels super smooth and soft once it has been applied and you just want to stroke your face all day!! - but don't, that could be creepy!

This primer leaves your face feeling like satin and in a perfect condition ready for your makeup, whether your makeup is powder or liquid, it allows your makeup to glide on smoothly and settle perfectly into your skin. 

I found once i had started wearing this primer, my makeup seemed to last several hours longer and for the price of £6.95 you cannot go wrong! It doesn't leave your face feeling clogged up or greasy, it dries straight away so you don't have to sit there for a while, whilst your face dries!

I found this product perfect for my makeup, and i would definitely recommend this to my friends...so go go go! whilst it still lasts...go get yourself this Mineral Infused Primer, as you will not be disappointed!


  1. Not gonna lie! tempted me to get it haha x

  2. haha its really good :P! it doesn't half make your skin smooth x

  3. Nice review! I've followed you on bloglovin :-) xx

  4. hey thank you :) ill follow back x