E.L.F's Eye Makeup Tutorial and "Nouveau Neutrals" Review

So guys! As many of you now know, i absolutely love elfs products and find them top quality for price.

Sooo... I decided to go ahead and do my full eye makeup using only Elfs products :)! and it is an excuse to use their eye brightening colour palette :] - upon deciding to do this i did actually realise that i don't own Elfs mascara! so being a little cheeky, i have used a different product on my lashes! - If you want to know the product, just give me a shout! :)

Just a quick look at the product itself :)! -

- Arn't the shades beautiful! staying true to the Nouveau Neutrals title, this palette contains two different sets of colours as you can see, although looking online, my product colouring is actually called "Ivy", but my packaging states Nouveau Neutrals, which is bizarre!, but either way the colours are beautiful. The product is in this little plastic case and comes with a little applicator brush and an eye mirror inside, perfect for reapplication on the go :)

So....without further ado!....Heres my tutorial :)!

1) Using the Studio Mineral Infused Primer in clear, i added just a small amount to my eyelids to make them super soft for my application and a tad underneath my eyes so i can apply some concealer,  as you can see i have some dark colouring, we can't be having dark circles as a starting base now!

2) Then taking elfs Corrective Concealer (Erase and Conceal) i blended some of the yellow shade onto my eyelids and underneath my eyes, ready for some foundation touching up. As you can see below it has lightened my dark circles :) #amazingProduct!

3) Taking an existing corrective stick in my skin tone, (a non elf product oops!) another thing i need to purchase! i just blended a little colour onto my eyelids and under my eyes to cover the yellow toning of the corrective concealer.

4) Taking the EyeLid Primer in "Sheer"  I applied this just to my eyelids, as to make sure my eye makeup will last all day, the primer is beautiful just to prep the eyes for any eyeshadow colour and leaves a ever so slight nude colour on the eyelids:)!

5) I then went ahead and applied the lightest green shade in this palette all over both my eyelids, in the inter corner of my eyes, and just half way on my bottom eyelid, from the inner corner to the middle. 

6) Taking the darker green shade from the palette, i started at the middle of my eyelid, and blended the colour from there to the outer corner of my eyelid, as well as in the crease of my eye, i also blended this colour on my bottom lash line from the outer corner, to the centre of my eye. :)

7) I then took the Cream Eyeliner in the shade "Black" and using the nifty little angled brush that comes with this eyeliner I lined the top eyelid and gave a slight cat flick at the end. I also blended the remnants from the eyeliner brush on the outer corner of my bottom lid.

8) I then applied some mascara to finish off my look!

I must say i am in love with this colour, its very rare i would choose a coloured eyeshadow, but these colours are so beautiful, subtle and have just the right amount of shimmer in them. They apply really easily, but i would use a different brush than the applicator that comes in the palette as i found this to be a little harsh on my skin, but other than that, i found this palette so beautiful and for the price of £1.95 i will definitely be purchasing some of the other shades!

So here is the finished look! - :)

I don't know about you guys, but i think these colours work perfect together, and the moss green over the lighter one is a beautiful day look, that can easily be transformed into a night look with the eyeliner :)

Hope use have found this helpful and let me know what use think :)!

Thanks for reading!


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