Rimmels "I Love Lasting Finish" Nail Polish Review

I have just recently started getting into wearing nail polish, and i started my collection with Rimmel's beautiful "I Love Lasting Finish" nail polishes as they have so many pretty and bold shades, i just wanted them on me all the time!!

The bottle of these products is really lovely, and i love how you can see the bright colour right the way through the glass, the bottle may be quite small, but it is wide and you only need one coat of this product to get the perfect nail, so a little goes a long way :)!

I started off with a gorgeous pink shade in the colour "270 Hot Shot" which is, i must say,  a super bright and bold pink for all girly girls! These polishes are super smooth, non sticky and only need one coat of application to get a perfect nail coverage.

They leave your nails feeling super smooth, and if applied correctly I found they can last at least a week before any touching up or chipping appears :)! I feel this collection of nail varnishes are so perfect for summer, and their super bright powdery / pastel shades will stand out in the crowd, and get people talking ;)! Conversation starter!

After this beautiful pink shade i then went onto purchasing another 2 nail polishes from the same collection, and these two shades include:

501 Fancy a Dip? - Which is this beautiful pastel blue shade, which is such a gorgeous all round colour, for any time of the year, and goes so nice with so many clothes. I added this shade to the bottom two nails on my hand :)

702 Marshmallow Heaven - Which again has this pastel look and style too it, only in a lovely purple shade. Again this stands out beautifully on the nails, but has this neutral look to it, perfect for the office or everyday. :)

If your looking for a perfect nail varnish that offers beautiful one coat strokes and summer colours, i would definitely recommend this collection from Rimmel, their super cheap, at just £2.99 and they last both on the nail, and in the jar!

I will definitely be adding to my collection as the paydays keep rolling in ;) 

Go pick yours up from your nearest Rimmel Boutique or check out the colour collection, and start flashing those nails in public and prepare for our summers return :)!

Rimmels I Love Lasting Finish Collection

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