Elfs Lipstick "Fearless" Review :)!

Todays elf product review is......!..... Their all time famous Super pigmented Lipsticks :)!

I have been wanting a red lipstick for a while now, and i finally gave in and decided to purchase one of elfs all time favourites, their lipsticks! in the shade "Fearless"

And my god, you will have to be fearless to wear this ;)! Its super pigmented and you only need the slightest amount on your lips!

It came in this lovely little silver packaging with a pull of top, and a screw bottom to release more product, like the everyday typical lipstick :) I do find it a little stiff to screw up, but this isn't anything i would complain about or mark this product down for.

It glides on so easily, and it has a lovely smooth texture whilst applying. It doesn't dry out my lips as some lipsticks can, and it feels so soft on although i did find that it does take quite a lot of blotting and it can transfer really easily if not.

Long wearing you ask? - of course! It last sooooo long! which is definitely a plus for a product that only costs £1.95. I placed this product on a few days ago in the morning, and throughout a 7 hour period, I only needed to apply it once more. I do enjoy a little bit more shine with my lipsticks, as i found this not to shine much, i did add a little gloss over the top, and this makes the colour stand out even more than it does already :)

It also comes in these eleven other beautiful shades, which are all as pigmented as each other. I will definitely be purchasing a few more of these colours, as for the price you cannot go wrong :)!

Oooh! and did i mention.....it smells absolutely gorgeous!, it has a very sweet smell to it, and it doesn't have or leave a funny taste in your mouth, because its inevitable...we will lick our lips whether were wearing lipstick or not :P.....did any of use just do it then? :P

Below are the swatches on my hand, and the transfer, after blotting once already :], as well as the colour being on my top lip, and no colour on the bottom one.

Some of the elfs shades are also a lot similar so some of Macs lipsticks, and for a fraction of the price, i think i prefer this product much more. If your starting out with lipsticks and aren't too sure if you will suit them, i would definitely purchase elfs lipsticks their super cheap, and a brilliant product for the price.

Thank you all for reading, hopefully this will encourage you readers to try this product and see its fabulousness for yourselves :)!


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