No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter Review :)

Hey everyone :)! - Here it is, what you have been waiting for!! - The No7 Highlighter review :)!

I was super excited to buy this product after spending about a month contemplating on whether to purchase it or not, and I'm so glad i did!! It is absolutely beautiful and gives a lovely sheen to your face when applied.

It comes in this little bag sized silver and pale pink packaging and has an ultimate feminine style about it. It feels really sturdy in hand, and the amount of product you get is brilliant.

Its a lovely pink shade with small flecks of golden shimmer to it, which doesn't add a lot of colour to your face, just the beautiful shimmer your looking for to enhance your cheek bones, brows and the bridge of your nose.

The shimmer isn't too much that you stand out as a glitter ball!! its just beautifully subtle and is definitely the finishing touch you just need to enhance your features :) It really smooth to the touch and glides on so easily, and only a little bit of product on your finger is needed, so it will last for many many months!!

I would highly recommend this to my friends and family as a makeup bag essential, as its a gorgeous finishing touch to anyones face and is pocket size to add that little bit of shimmer throughout the day :) I know some highlighters can look quite white on the face, this is why i love this product, the colour is just perfect for my skin tone and i think it would blend in perfectly on anyones face!

Above you can see the beautiful swatch on my hand, as it has this rosy hue with a lovely gold shimmer allowing it to sparkle in the light :) You can also see how the light has picked it up on my face enhancing the bridge on my nose and the shine on my cheek :) I Applied this product to my brow bone, cheek bones, bridge of my nose and my cupids bow.

You can purchase this highlighter from any No7 Boutiques, i purchased mine from Boots for just £9.95 :)

I hope use have enjoyed my review, and please give me a follow on bloglovin! and go get yourself one of these little gems =]



  1. Totally need you to give me a bloody makeup class :') Do i balls no how to use highlighter :') xx love your reviews

  2. i will hehe! you just say where and when :)! - and its lovely, doesnt half create a nice shimmer to the face, that just looks natural rather, enhances your features and its so pretty!, great for the flash on a camera as well :) xx