Blog Your Heart Out


So i was caught out and the lovely Jade from Rotten Red Cherry tagged me into this tag, it's quick and snappy and you will get a little insight into why i blog :)

So stay tuned my lovely blogging community :)! - Here we go!

1.Who/what encouraged you to start blogging?
 - I would say receiving my Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette for product testing / reviewing is what encouraged me to start blogging. Also watching numerous amounts of videos of Zoella!, seeing people being themselves and my enjoyment of makeup & fashion, I thought why not, its about time i had a hobby!? 

2. How did you choose what topics to blog about? 
- Well I have always had a huge interest in fashion and makeup, and it is now a daily battle on what to wear and what colours to match, how to have my hair, what nail polish to wear, that I thought why not write down my thoughts on something I'm going to judge anyway :) This way people can put their opinions to it and i can give some tips for other people.

3. What is something most people don't know about you? 
- Hmm a tricky one! - I would say that i have a huge phobia of anything to do with my teeth, i even dream about losing teeth because it scares me that much, an obsessive cleaner and sticky sweets scare me! This and I have a huge phobia of being sick in public, I feel a little sick....and whoosh! panic attack and anxiety galore!

4. What three words describe your style? 
- ooooh! I'm not too sure about this one, i tend to choose my own fashion, i can never have the same as someone else...hmm i would say: Girly, Classy & Comfy.....i do love my creature comforts! can't beat some Hunter Wellies and a big jumper!

5. What do you love doing when you are not blogging?
- ooh i would say looking online for new clothing and makeup i love window shopping for when my next pay is in :P!  I will also do this whilst listening to music...I cannot go a day without listening to some form of music :)!

Well thats all the questions and the five bloggers I tag are:

Jenn at Photo-Jenn-ic
Zoe Frances at Beauty Pie
Lucy at Lucy Locket

Thanks for reading my lovelies :) 



  1. This is SUCH a cute tag!
    Aww bless you - I sort of understand the thing about teeth! hahaha.
    Even though I'm twenty, I had a baby tooth thats sort of wobbly and it super grosses me out :(

    Kelly from |Daydreams & Daisychains

  2. Ha thanks :)! - i don't know what it is i have always had it haha, oo wobbly teeth give me shivers haha x

  3. Great answers! Thanks for tagging me, looking forward to writing this :)

  4. your welcome :) look forward to reading it x

  5. Thanks for the tag! Only now getting round to doing it!

  6. Such a cute tag! great answers and your blog is awesome!

  7. Thank you so much :)! - I haven't had chance to put a lot more things on here yet with Uni work and all! but hopefully i will have more to say soon :)! xx