Get to know me | Your Questions

Hey My lovelies :)! - 

I thought it might be nice for my lovely blogging community to get to know me a little more!  If theres anything you would like to know about myself, just post your questions below, and once there are a few on there, I will create a new post answering them, it might be the time i actually post a video up too!! - eek scary times!, but if i have something to answer and receive enough questions i might just throw the boat out and do it, it will also give me a chance to get used to doing videos also :)!

Your questions can be anything about my what I love the most, be it even food or something like "what shoes were you wearing today" anything :)!! Pictures will be appearing here also so I will try to answer them as in detail as i can :)!!



  1. Oo i shall definitely subscribe if you start doing YT vids! My questions are- what is your favourite music genre? And what is your favourite thing about blogging? ��

  2. Thank you :)! - Hopefully i receive some more questions and i do a full worthy video :)