Barry M Nail Polish | Review

Hi my lovely blogging community! Its been a while! - And i thought i would start this Saturday Afternoon off with some Nail Polish!! -

I finally went and purchased some Barry M nail polish as there has been a huge craze of their nail polishes....and i must say ill be joining in that craze and jumping around.....crazy person! :)!

I have been needing some artistic colours and a new base coat, so i decided to go with their basic colours, so nothing too exciting!! - The colours are:  Matt White, Black and Clear.

I used the Matt white colour today as i wanted to create some lines in my red nail art, and i must say the polish went on lovely, i would say it needed two coats, but then again most polish does! Its really smooth and has just the right amount of coverage, as too much can budge off if knocked.

It didn't feel tacky which is hard to find with some nail polishes, so thats a plus!! super easy glide on!...I also found that the polish dries quite quickly.

I also used the Top Coat to set my nail polish and protect my nails and i found that this dried really quick also. it just gives your nail that extra shine and protection that every nail enthusiast should have!

You can find these products at any Barry M boutique or online here - So girls! get your hands on these nail polishes as they have some beautiful colours, and they feel great on your nail :)!, and for £2.99 you cannot afford to miss this!

Thank you all for reading, and stay tuned for a tutorial coming soon :)!

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  1. barry m are the best! they have so many colours to choose from

  2. They are, i can't believe i had never purchased them before! x