MUA Nail Polish Review | Arts&Craft Nail Design

Hey my fellow blogging community :)! - Again i couldn't go two days with the same nail polish on, so i decided to change it up a little bit!.

I gave into my heart and decided to make a purchase from MUA's counter, and i purchased two beautiful coloured nail polishes :) *Mini Haul Here* So today i decided to go with the super cute name of "Pistachio Ice Cream", which is the beautiful greeny hue :)

I actually used two different nail polishes for this look, and i went a little arts & crafty and found a way to get some lines into my nail art. 

So heres my look! - Carry on reading to see how I achieved this :)

To achieve this style this is what you will need :) -

1. Elfs Nail Polish in the shade "Blush"
2. MUA's Nail Polish in the shade "Pistachio Ice Cream"
3. Scissors
4. Nail Polish Remover
5. Sticky Tape
6. Earbuds
7. Nail File

1) Clean off any excess nail polish you have had from a previous polish
2) Neaten up your nail and file away some cuticle lightly, don't want to scratch or damage the nail
3) Coat all your nails in Elfs Blush Nail Polish and leave to dry
4) Take your scissors and cut little strips per nail for your required look
5) Check the nail is dry completely
6) Add your strips to the nails in any style you would like the blush to show through
7) Coat your nails with MUA's Pistachio Ice cream nail polish and leave to dry
8) Once your nail is completely dry, remove the sticky strips from your nails
8) Take some nail polish remover and an earbud to clean any polish off your finger if there is any

And voila!.....You have your Arts&Craft nail design :) Easy as Pie!

MUA Nail Polish

As this was the first time i had purchased any of MUA's products, i was super excited to be trying out the nail polishes i had purchased. I decided to choose this colour first as for some strange reason, i now have an obsession with it! Theres just something about it that screams summer! to me.....anyone else? me then :P

I love how they come in this little pot with MUAs branding bevelled on the bottle, i quite like that style rather than a sticker with the branding on it. It feels really sturdy in your hand, and the application brush glides on the nail easily and it nice and light in your hand.

The colour is really lovely on the nail and it isn't sticky whilst applying which i love!. One thing i will say is i found the product a little watery than my other polishes, but for £1.00 you can't really complain!. It does take two coats to get the desired look, but the product does build on the nail really smoothly, just make sure your nail is bone dry before another coat!! - I am terrible in making that error! 

I don't think it will chip easily, as this depends on the amount of coats you put on, i found the more coating the easier it chips, but two coats is perfect for the colour to appear right on the nail. 

I do think it might be best to apply a white coloured nail polish as a base coat, as i think the colour will appear true to the bottle then. Something i will need to investigate!....but first.....I must buy some white nail polish!!

Overall i found the nail polish a really lovely colour, and for just £1.00 i will definitely be purchasing some more of the colours. Way to go MUA! i am now converted and you have a new buyer ;)!

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If theres anything you would like to know please feel free to comment.



  1. ahh I've never thought to use a white polish as a base, thanks for the tip! Love the nails, really elegant :)
    L xo

  2. I have actually just tried it with a red polish and the colour does appear brighter :) - i will put an image on soon! And your very welcome, if theres anything else you would like to know just ask :)! xx