MUA! | Mini Haul

I finally did it! I gave in and purchased some of MUA's products just to satisfy my mind that was going ten to the dozen on deciding whether to or not.....but my heart won and i did it!! YAY! 

I now feel purely makeuply purchasedly satisfied *Smug Face* 

So here are my products...not many, but a girl must hold back or she could go wild!! - I must limit myself or these three could turn into 50! - and I could lose my partner in my beauty nest! 

So I have been really interested in nail polish recently, and whilst browsing MUA's products (which were limited in my Superdrug might i add....they were in serious need of a restock!!)...I came across their beautiful nail collection which are only £1! How can you not purchase anything when its that price? - and they have the sweetest of names! again another plus for me!

I picked up two of their very lovely pastel colours, which are this seasons trend in my opinion and the colours i chose were "Ameretto Crush - Which is a lovely pinky hue" & "Pistachio Ice Cream - Which is a slightly minty hue". 

I also picked up one of their blushes which again are only £1! - I had been looking at their blushes online for a while and decided...why not? So i picked up a lovely pinky shade called "Lolly" <--- Super cute name! 

So that concludes my mini haul! and I can't wait to try these products out, and there is no doubt that i will be purchasing more of their products in the future, because for £1, you can't complain! 

So stay tuned into my blog for reviews on these 3 products and please follow me on Bloglovin found on the right, i will follow you back also :) -----> :)

Anything you would like to know about these products, please comment below and I will try to include all requests in my reviews :)

Thanks for reading my lovely blogging community!!



  1. Believe it or not I've not tried anything by MUA before! I love the look of the blush and the mint nail polish though so I might have to try something out!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  2. There blushes are super cute! come in a hand sized packet and the colour is really pigmented :)! - but their nail polish collection is super cute, i will definitely be purchasing more. I would have had a lipstick too but they didn't have it in stock -_- xx