My Makeup Regime Products :)!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope nobody has the Monday Blues! and if you do hopefully all these blogposts can cheer you up :)!

I was getting ready this morning when I thought....hey! Lets capture this and show all my blogging lovelies what I use for my regime :)

So here goes!!.....

First of all ill start with naming the products I use :)! - Soooo here they are !! :)

1. Rimmel London's Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder in the shade 021 Transparent
2. E.l.f's Mineral Infused Face Primer in Clear
3. Maybelline NY Dream Satin Liquid in Light Porcelain 004
4. E.l.f's Corrective Concealer, the Erase & Conceal
5. No7's Instant Radiance Highlighter
6. Maxfactor's Wild Mega Volume Volumising Mascara in Black
7. Collections Blush in 02 Bashful
8. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in the shade Fair 1
9. E.l.f's Cream eyeliner in the shade Black
10. Rimmel's Professional eyebrow pencil in 001 Dark Brown
11. Eco Tools Buff Brush
12. Eco Tools Conceal brush
13. I can't remember the name of this one! but its just your standard small blush brush :)
14. My trusty eyelash curlers :) I got mine from Superdrug :)

And that concludes my products :) x   Now for my regime!

1) Always Prime! - I primed my whole face with E.l.f's Mineral Infused Primer (review here) and then used the corrective concealer (Review here) in yellow under my eyes and then the green tone for a few blotches on my face.

2) I then went onto applying my liquid foundation to my forehead, cheeks, chin and the sides of my nose (i tend to use my fingers for this step as i feel it warms up the makeup and sits into my skin better - Be sure to have clean hands! =] ).

I don't like to put too many products on my eyes or nose as they can become quite dry and flakey! awful i know :(! the wonders of combination skin!!

3) I then applied a little Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer to the bridge of my nose, under my eyes and my eyelids and blended with my Eco Tools Concealer brush. I then set my foundation all over with my Rimmel's Clear Complexion powder with my Eco Tool Buff Brush. I tend to tap off the access powder so my face doesn't end up cakey at the end =]!

4) I then used my Collection blusher, made a smiley face!! a big cheesy grin one :D <---- abit like that ha, exposed the apples of my cheeks, dabbed the access of my brush and applied. I used what was left of the brush to blend up my cheek bones.

5) I then took my No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter (review here), dabbed a little on my finger (I don't like to rub the product straight on my face) and applied this to the bridge of my nose, my cheek bones, my eyebrow bones and in the inner corners of my eyes :)

Starting to have some colour into my face now and not look #FaciallyNaked!

6) I then moved onto my eyebrows. I took my Rimmel's Professionals Eyebrow Pencil, brushed out my eyebrows with the brush end so they were all in place and neat, then went onto creating my shape.   I used small strokes of the pencil to fill in any gaps I had in my Eyebrow and drew in a faint line to follow.  

This is crazy closeup!

7) I then went onto applying my E.l.f Cream eyeliner (review here) with the angled brush that comes with the packaging. I only did a slight line, as this is what i wear for every day just to make my eyes pop :) - and i only used the liner on my upper lash line. 

My Eyes looking slightly darker....

8) For the final touch! I went onto curling my eyelashes with my curlers ( I tend to warm the rubber up on my curlers with my fingers as it curls your lashes much better) which i hold down for 12 seconds each eye. 

I then applied my Maxfactor Wild Mega Volume Mascara to both my top lashes and my bottom. I tend to use a left to right movement whilst pulling up on my lashes to get more product and volume from my mascara brush. I just use the excess of my mascara from my top lash to cover my bottom lashes.

......and my finished look!......Tah dahhh!

This is my final look eye makeup and all :)

Please feel free to comment and let me know what use think :)

Thanks for reading 


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