Elfs Corrective Concealer (Erase & Conceal Review)

Hey everyone! - As promised I'm doing another Elf product review and this time its the Corrective Concealer for £3.95 - Which is a complete bargain when you see the results it gives!

So here goes!....

First of all: The Packaging -

The concealer comes in this little plastic casing with a pop open lid at the front as well as a little brush to apply the concealer with. I personally think it feels quite sturdy and closes with an air tight click! Its all black as you can see with the white branding text on the front. It also comes with a plastic covering when the concealer is open and this little handy mirror at the top.

The plastic itself is quite soft and your typical plastic, which i find quite good as this means the casing can be cleaned quite easily. I know some other products have this rubbery texture, but can look quite messy after a while. 

Next: The Swatches -

From the above image you can see that as this is the Erase & Conceal product, it comes with 4 different creamy shades and from top to bottom these include:

Pink - Which is perfect as a primer for Olive skin and helps brighten it up, personally i haven't used this colour yet, as i haven't found a need for it, but its still perfect to have :)

Green - This I have used a lot, as i have a means for it! it is perfect for diminishing any red blotches or angry spots that appear on the face.

Blue - Again, this one i haven't used that much tbh, as i don't have any issues on my face that require it, but i think this concealer is again good for any orangey or red marks that appear on the face.....any fake tan disasters girls? this one will help ;)!

Yellow - This is a colour that i use a lot! It is a life saver! for those days where you haven't had enough sleep, or aren't feeling too well and looking a little under the weather....applied to the eyelids and under the eyes, you will instantly look radiant :) - Definitely a must have concealer colour for anyones handbag!

The texture of these products are super smooth and creamy and they glide on the skin so nice! I don't think i would be able to go without this palette any more! The little brush that comes with the product is really nifty and soft, and i find perfect for the green concealer, adding to small areas.

So below is a before and after shot :)! - Ahhh! Facially Naked! #Zoella&TanyaQuote

As you can see whilst bare face!! I have slight dark circles under my eyes and on my eyelids, so i decided to add the yellow tone to my eyes. Also i have some blemishes and red patches on my face so i then took the green tone and dotted it around my face.

After shot :) -

As you can see my eyes look a lot brighter, and you can't see as many red blemishes on my face any more :) - Once your highlighter and foundation is all applied to your face, these colours are completely invisible, and none of the colour comes through. It just sits perfectly under the skin and completely enhances your complexion :)

This product is a must have, and will be anybodies life saver! - I know it is for me!!

So go go go girls! and buy yourself this incredible product from eyeslipsface.co.uk, for those bad days and sleepy days, this will improve your complexion and create a perfect foundation for your makeup to sit on, and will leave you looking flawless :)


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