The Watch Gallery! Competition - Breitling Superocean Chronograph

Hey Guys!! Hope your all feeling great on this cold Sunday windy! morning! I just wanted to give you a little insight on The Watch Gallery, and my chosen Sports Watch :) for the £100 ASOS give away competition, which can be found here: WIN

An incredible company that has the most beautiful watches for both Ladies and Men. The Watch Gallery sells anything from the Luxury feel to the robust and sports active watches, perfect for on the go with security that the watches won't get damaged. 

Having a partner who's star sign is Aquarius, and a true one at that, he absolutely loves the ocean and anything to do with it, finding a watch that would be perfect for his activities has been so easy with this company!

The perfect watch that i found was the: 

Breitling Superocean Chronograph II A1334102-BA85OCERAC

As you can see this watch is awesome! 

Now having a partner that has a love of water but is so much into his fashion it is unbelievable! I made sure I looked for something that would be robust and stand up to many depths as well as a very stylish and beautiful face....and this one was perfect!

I have chosen this watch as it comes with a strap style wrist clamp which makes it much easier and lighter on the wrist especially when diving or swimming, theres nothing worse than trying to swing your arm with a heavy weight at the end!! ArmAcheIn'ell! and with it being a strap style it also makes it that much more waterproof but still stylish. Now we all have that metal watch which pinches the hairs on our arms!! and men have much more hair than us women so again a perfect choice with a strap style!

 I also think with the style being a strap it would sit in place much easier than a bracelet type, as it will cling to the skin and not flop around. You must have seen that Lee Evans sketch where he talks about womens bracelet noises clanging around...abit like that ;)

What drew me to this watch was the beautiful orange accents on the chronograph on the face, this colour just makes the face pop and all the dials stand out, again making it easier to look at if your under water. 

The face is made of Sapphire Glass which might I add is SCRATCH RESISTANT! - Now i don't know about you but the ocean contains so much salt, rocks and coral that the worst thing ever is to scratch a very expensive and beautiful watch....but not this one!! This stylish face is safe! so need to worry :)

Being able to withstand 500m of depth and having a 42 hour power reserve with automatic movement, this watch makes it the perfect choice for my partner, and i believe any diver who enjoys the ocean as well as looking stylist. Its lightweight with a strap style, the colours make it stand out and the hints of silver on the face will make it shine in both water and sun! no need to remove your watch when getting into can just go and "dive" right in...(no pun intended ;)...) 

So if your interested in style with a robust finish i would definitely recommend this watch for that perfect finish. 


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