My Skin Care Regime | Simples!

So its about time i shared my skin care regime with all you lovelies! I have the most super sensitive skin ever, and the most complex type that finding the right care for my skin is a nightmare, the slightest of perfumed things and the itching & dryness begins! 

Simple is a brand i come back to time and time again, it is my all time Holy Grail as i have never had any issues with it, its alcohol free, perfume free & for sensitive skin!, "Sensitive Skin Care Experts" quote!, which makes it perfect for me or anyone with this skin type! 

I use these three products in the morning and at night. I must admit i'm a little lazy when it comes to removing my makeup, i either use a baby / makeup remover wipe or just a wet towel & scrub away! But after all that clearing, i move onto these three products which finishes the job! 

I first take the Purifying Cleansing Lotion on a cotton pad, dot it around my face and then use the cotton pad to slide the product in an outward circular motion all over my face, then leave it to dry for a few minuets. This helps to cleanse the face and remove any last drabs of makeup that might be left.

I then go onto the Soothing Facial Toner using the same process but i tend to avoid the eyes as this is a super sensitive area, and toners can be quite harsh here. This for me tends to give my face that final fresh feeling, closes my pores & tightens my skin.

Finally, its the Protecting Light Moisturiser which i just use about a 20 pence piece amount, dot it around my face and blend in an upwards motion. This gives that final touch to my face & i'm ready for bed, or if in the morning - to apply my makeup! I like the fact that this moisturiser is light as some moisturisers can make your face feel clogged even though you have just cleansed! 

All these products together create the perfect canvas for makeup as they smooth out your skin and refresh it for that daily application! Your makeup goes on beautifully! 

If you have highly sensitive skin which is always dry, i would definitely recommend these three products, they are super kind to your skin & leave you feeling refreshed and beautiful without all the chemicals!

Do you use Simple products? What are your thoughts?

Thank you for reading!



  1. Hi Leah! How are you? :o)

    I love using Simple- I also suffer from really sensitive skin and so I love how gentle their formulas are as wrong product on myself= hives, redness... makes me shudder just thinking about it haha!

    Lovely routine too- it's crazy how much a good skin care routine can improve your make up routine!

    L xo

    1. Hey Liz! Im good thank you, yourself?

      I have eczema as well so perfumed products are terrible for me! I absolutely love this brand & all their products, they are my constant go to!

      It is! I ran out of the moisturiser for 2 days and was gutted, my makeup just didn't go on nice enough! So i said Amen once i bought a new one haha


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