Lasting Finish By Kate Moss | Rimmel Lipstick

My cheeky new purchase! 

Hi my lovelies! so i haven't blogged for awhile & i apologise! but i have been waiting for some cheeky little purchases to be made so i could have a bunch of things to show use at once! 

This little cheeky purchase was made today! as I was strolling round Boots i remembered that i had about £7 to spend on my card, and thought.....oooooh! - I have been looking at these Lipsticks by Kate Moss for so long now, that i just needed to give in and purchase & why not now? especially for free ;)

After sieving through a number of their colours i decided to go with this one as i have so many reds & coral colours that i needed something a little different. 

Its the 03 Lasting Finish shade from Kate's first collection, which is like a fleshy colour (this image does it no justice!). I don't own a fleshy colour and so thought this would be the perfect choice for me.

And....OMG its beautiful! Super soft and rich in colour, I have never liked that washed out look with a nude lip, but as I use a bronzer / Terracotta By Barry M for my cheeks, this colour looks beautiful with this look!

Do you own Kate's Collection? What do you think? 

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Thanks for reading my lovelies!



  1. I have shade '111 Kiss of Life' and I love it! It does last unlike many drugstore lipsticks and the colour matte finish is great!

  2. you know i picked that one up about 5 times! but i really needed to stem away from the reds! haha it was such a beautiful colour though, they really do! so lovely & smooth x