Review: Max Factor wild Mega Volume Mascara

This is my all time go to mascara! Having endless years of searching and using all types of mascaras i have finally found the one i love! Max Factors Wild Mega Volume Volumising Mascara! at just £6.99 its brilliant. I must say the advert did its trick, im a sucker for a product from a very creative tv ad, so i purchased it and haven't looked back since. The wand on it is amazing and it leaves your eyelashes super long and full! I just wish i had an image now to place on so i could show you the before and after....ill add one on tomorrow for use as an update!

I have never been disappointed with this mascara and will carry on using it until a better one comes along...if one does that is!, i must say with most of Max Factors products they are always brilliant and a great price too!

Have you got this mascara? have you tried it before? what are your thoughts :)

Thank you for reading my lovely!



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