Trend That Colour | AVON

Afternoon all! 

I just had to get this post on here about these beautiful Avon Colour Trend Lipsticks. I now own two of them and i just find them so super soft & pigmented and these two colours i just love!

The two colours are a purply colour which is the violet friday and a coraly sweet colour known as coral wisp - I will definitely be adding to this colour trend collection :)

Colour Trend Lipstick - Coral Wisp
Colour Trend Lipstick - Violet Friday

Here is a cheeky view of how they look on :)

Thank you my lovelies :) I would definitely recommend these colour trend lipsticks to anyone, so head over to AVON and get yours now :)



  1. I really want to try the violet/purple one, they look both gorgeous! :)

    1. Their so pretty! & really soft - i didn't think i would like the purple its so bold! but i fell in love when i received it xx