Barry M | Shadow & Blush Palettes

A lovely morning read for you all :)

I wanted to show you all these two beautiful Barry M eye shadow and blush palettes that I have fell in love with. They have the prettiest of colours in both of them and are so pigmented that a little goes a long way. 

I love the packaging they come in and the branding, and i must admit i am a sucker for good branding & packaging. They each have two eye shadow brushes / pads that are really smooth and pick up a lot of shadow without fall with i love, nothing worse than eyeshadow fall! & a six shadows with a large palette at the end for the blush. I must admit i have used all these colours but i haven't gotten round to using the blushes from the palettes yet. 

Although the green one is a summer palette, i find it useful for all year round, day & night, but it is super pretty with all those summer dresses & hair pieces floating around festivals. 

The natural palette is beautiful! i use this palette on a daily basis, and shhhh heres a cheeky secret, you can also use the browny shades for filling in eyebrows ;) - They are lovely colours and the palette is so versatile i would feel lost without it!

Do you lovelies own these palettes? what are your thoughts?

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  1. Was considering purchasing one of these bad boys, love the look of the natural palette :)
    Great post x

    1. The natural palette is so lovely & the colours go on really nice and smooth too! & Thank you :) x

  2. The natural palette looks (and sounds) so gorgeous!
    Lovely post Leah, definitely have a few new things for the wishlist!

    L xo

    p.s cheeky side note- I'm looking for bloggers to interview on my blog and with me being such a big fan of yours, I was wondering if you might just be interested? :o) No worries if not but let me know if so! xox

    1. Thank you very much :) its something I use on a daily basis now! love it x

      And course i would be interested :) let me know what you need xx