AVON Nail Experts | Liquid Freeze Nail Spray

Evening all! 

I couldn't wait to get this product on here for you all to see! it is every woman's life saver & i would never turn back. If your anything like me and can't sit still for 5 mins to wait for your nail polish to dry, move ever so slightly & nudge it, having to redo it all again! then this product is what you need.

After seeing it in AVON i knew i had to try it, i haven't seen anything on the market like it before and i love trying new things. 

Its called Nail Experts Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Nail Spray & its basically a clear spray that once you have put your nail polish on, you just spray the nail with this, give it a few seconds & your polish is instantly dry!! can you image? no more smudges if your in a rush or can't sit still!! & for the price of just £3 you cannot go wrong! It is my all new holy grail & i already have more on pre order i find it that brilliant! I must admit its a little greasy on the hand, and you have to wipe your hands afterwards but its something I'm happy to put up with for such an amazing product. 

Has anyone tried this product or one similar before? What are your thoughts, let me know :) 

Thank you all for reading & i hoped you like it :),


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