My Top 4 Latest Hair Products

What a stunning day to be blogging in! The sun is shining, and I'm in the back garden writing this post :) - even if i am struggling to see the screen, i refuse to sit in ha

So my lovelies, I keep slowing down on the blogging front! But i have been lining up all my blogposts for the week, so i can get some wonderful content for use to read each day & i promise i have some fashion ones coming your way too!

So I thought i would kick off this beautiful weekend post with my favourite top four hair products at the moment! 

VO5 is a product i swear by for hair, their products always smell amazing & I have no issues with them what so ever. I always make sure i have a quality hair spray and a quality heat protector as I'm forever doing something with my hair & using tools that could damage it. The weather resistant firm hold hair spray is just that, its perfect for all weather conditions whether it be wet or wind! It holds your hair in place all day without any touchups & has that sweetish smell that doesn't sit on your chest and make your cough! I have tried the Ultimate Hold Hairspray before, and they are both as amazing. The heat protector is something new that i came across, and have not turned back, i really like this spray and again it doesn't have that strong chemical smell that some hair products can. I always apply this protector whilst my hair is wet, as i tend to always dry my hair with a hair dryer.

Just recently i came across a new product from Superdrug, it's part of their dry shampoo range, and this one is the Killer Volume Volumising dry shampoo. Oh Wow! Honestly this is almost as good on its own without any hair spray! It smells lovely, and as well as adding that extra freshness on the day after, you have washed your hair, it creates texture which allows you to style your hair and it keeps! Bonus is what i say, & it definitely works by its name!

The other new thing that i have just recently come across is a product from AVON, just recently i have become obsessed with AVON as their products are brilliantly priced & they are amazing, including the lipsticks!! - I now own a fair few of them! 

This is part of the Advanced Techniques range and is a hair treatment mask with Keratin power technology to help repair split and broken hair. Seeing as it had keratin in it, is is definitely what drew me to purchase it, being someone who dyes her hair blonde, it is a must have! My hair has slightly weakened over time, and since buying this, and using it for about 3 week, i have noticed such an amazing difference! The product smells incredible & is super easy to apply to the hair. It isn't sticky, and a little goes a long way. I have found my hair improving as the weeks go by, and my ends are looking much healthier and not as broken. I will be purchasing this for the long run, and as its part of a collection i might even try a few of the others and see how good they are! It is definitely an instant repairer ;) - see what i did there.....

Are there any hair products your loving at the moment? Let me know & i will get back to use :)

Thanks for reading & you can find me on all social networks :)

VO5 Heat Protect Styling Spray
VO5 Firm Hold Weather Resistant Hair Spray
Advanced Techniques Instant Repair 7 Hair Treatment Mask
Superdrug Killer Volume Dry Shampoo


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