Casual Comfies

Good evening my lovelies :)!

So I thought it was about time I started putting some fashion posts on here for you :) I haven't really purchased anything for a while, so most of my up and coming post will be clothes purchased in the past but hopefully you will still like them :) Im pretty sure inspiration can be taken and replicated.

So first of all, i'm a sucker for comfy clothing, especially when I'm hanging around the house and just on casual strolls! I love this jumper so much and i love just wearing it on its own, or with a small light vest underneath, and you can never go wrong with some cheeky denim shorts! again these can be worth with absolutely anything. The shoes / slippers I'm wearing are soooo comfy! ever since i have had them i wear them in doors and out, their so versatile! 

Jumper - Primark > ASOS Alternative
Denim Shorts - Pilot > ASOS Alternative 
Shoes / slippers - Ugg
Lipstick - LUXE by AVON in Polished Rose 

Thank you all for reading and hopefully you liked it :)- I will try and get some more fashion posts online if so!

You can find me on any social media just look for my name or squireforbeauty :)& you can find me on Bloglovin on the left too!


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