Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo

we all need that boost & refresh in-between washes, but for me unfortunatly this just didn't help.

I have always been a user of Batiste dry shampoo, but I thought I would give a different brand a shot and decided to go with the Herbal Essences range, with me being a fan of their shampoos & conditioners. To be honest I wanted to try out their new Clearly Naked 0 Range which has 0% silicone, Paraben and Colorant making it much more gentle for the hair, so I picked up the dry shampoo from that range.

Personally for myself I got nothing from these products, both of them made my hair feel super dry and sticky making it near impossible to brush it once I had sprayed it on. Although the citrus one smells absolutely beautiful, making my hair smell clean, it just didn't refresh it at all. I would recommend them if your wanting to style your hair, as your style wouldn't budge, actually my boyfriend has started using them on his hair after his gel styling just for that extra hold, but for a refreshing feel I personally would pass on these dry shampoos & stick to the Batiste ones.

Have any of you used these dry shampoos before? Leave your thoughts below :)


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