Lining those winter lips

It's not a secret that I am in love with a winter lip!

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Liner - Midnight Plum - £3.99
Collection Lip Definer - Damson 5 - £2.79

I have been totally obsessed with the winter lip this season & we all know that an essential part of making lipstick last longer is to line the lips and partially fill your lips in first. For myself this has always worked brilliantly, making the colour last much longer on my lips than it would without lining them.

So the colour I found perfect for me was the Rimmel Starry Eyed lipstick reviewed here, which is this beautiful deep deep red colour with a pinky undertone! I really needed to find the perfect liner to go with it & ended up coming across these two different ones.  

The Collection one is almost crayon like, gliding on with ease and feeling much more moisturising than some other lip liners I have tried. It has a really easy twisty bottom so you can release as much and as little product as you need, cutting out that endless sharpening and chipping of the pencil. Out of both of these lip liners, I found the Collection one much nicer to used & closer to the colour that I wanted & although the Collection one my favourite, I did find the Maybelline one really nice too! unlike some other pencil liners, I found this one much softer to put on the lips & you don't get that course texture & sensation you so with some others. Personally for value for money, I love love love the Collection one & think I will be choosing crayon like liners in the future :)

Do you line your lips before your lipstick? 

What winter colour are you loving?

Let me know lovelies & thank you for reading!



  1. Love both of these! I definately find lipstick looks so much better when lined x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

    1. It does! I always find the liner left on my lips after the lipstick wears off too ha! x

  2. I'm a huge fan of lip liners.
    Sometimes I just colour my lips in liner instead of actually lipstick :)

    Charl Jimenez

    1. me too! & then just throw on a little clear gloss to soften my lips :) x