Boohoo Days | Outfit 4

I have never really been one for crop tops, but I made an exception!

In the Photo...

Sarah Slash Neck Crop Top - Boohoo
Izzy Checked Mini Bodycon Skirt - Boohoo
Watch - Olivia Burton
Heels - Pilot Fashion
Lipstick - Avon Glimmerstick Liner

As mentioned in previous posts...I seem to have a slight obsession with checked print but this skirt was so cheap at just £6 that I just couldn't say no.

The fit of the skirt is so lovely, clinging to all the right places and with all the colours of blues,whites and reds it makes it so easy to team with any shade or style of top. It is so versatile that I have worn this skirt with a pair of tights and a shirt tucked in, stockings with a black turtle neck and like the above with just a small top. The material is really lovely & even though its quite inexpensive, it isn't as see-through as some cheaper skirts can be. Classed as a mini skirt it falls just above the knee if worn on the hips, but if you are like me and tend to wear your skirts around the waist, it could come up quite short if you are tall, but for little old me, this isn't a problem :) 

I have never really been interested in crop tops but when I seen the fit of this one on the website I just wanted to give them a try. I am not too sure why, I have just never felt comfortable wearing them...but this one has definitely changed my mind. I opted for black for a starter colour and I am so glad I did! The fit of it is so so perfect! It fits snugly in all the right places & with it having an almost racer style effect to the front and back, it just gives it that little extra detail than a standard crop top. Since purchasing this I have absolutely loved it & grown to be more of a fan of crops, so I think more purchases are in order...& I think I will start with this style in the other 7 colours. 


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