Moving to Vlogging

This is something that has been on my mind for a while now, and I just can't seem to grasp when the right time is to take the plunge and move my blog into the Vlogging world.

As SquireForBeauty is becoming a larger part of my life, I'm feeling in order for me to become more interesting I need to become more involved in the video world and allow my lovely followers to see the person behind the writing and let my personality shine through. I believe it is important to move with the times, and as Vlogging has become a large part of most bloggers lives, some even just using that as their main platform, I feel it would really give SquireForBeauty the boost it needs.....or even I need!

The question for me is...When do you know it is the right time? For a while now, although I spend a huge part of my day just watching other peoples Vlogs, I really admire them doing so, I have found it amazing yet odd about sitting in front of a camera and practically talking to yourself, but it's what our loverly viewings want, and we are a generation of videos and watching things as appose to reading. I think its my mindset, if I can change that and believe that my followers really want to see it, I will be talking to them....and not myself.

I just can't seem to grasp the confidence to do so, spending the time asking myself...could I actually do it? Would my followers be interested in watching my videos? I believe any blogger that really wants to move into Vlogging has that nagging comment in the back of their mind about negative feedback. As humans, we don't always enjoy criticism and negative responses to something you put your heart into, but what we need to think, is that it can only help us to improve ourselves and the things we do, people don't always criticise just to do so, they are doing it to help us out and we need to take it onboard to really improve ourselves. I think our hearts and confidence really need to be in the right place before we can move on, it will really show in our videos if we are constantly thinking....what are people going to think about me?!

If you are a blogger that has recently just moved into Vlogging or a blogger that has been doing it for a while now, how did you know to do so? what gave you the push? For all us writers wanting to move into video is there any tips you would suggest?

Thank you lovelies for reading & let me know your thoughts! Hopefully I and anybody else thinking the same can take that plunge soon and put ourselves out there for everyone to see!


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