Instagraming those Photos

I have become totally obsessed with Instagram recently and find myself going straight to that app before any other, ending the night with it and starting my day.

With the ever obsession of posting selfies, Inspo and blog snaps to Instagram as a form of promotion or just because I love the platform - I am always on the look out for new and exciting apps that can make my feed a little more interesting, or just to edit my images. I thought I would give you an insight into a few apps that I have been using & hopefully you will start to use them and love them as much as I do!

This has literally been my holy grail app ever since I discovered it. I am sure most of you are aware of Photoshop by now and how many times have we used it to create images and edit our photos before uploading them to the ever wide web, desktop style...imagine that but in your hand!

Photoshop express is a perfect little app that allows you to touch up your photos on the go and upload anytime, anywhere. If it's covering your blemishes, fixing that pesky red eye or just adding that little extra highlight/shadow, this is perfect as it allows you to do just that. I head straight into this app whenever I take a selfie as we all need that little helping hand ever now and again. 

It also has social media integration, that allows you upload your finish image to social media straight away.

If you find yourself uploading selfies a lot, or taking photos of food which I have also found it perfect for, I would definitely give it a try...and it's free!! 

This is an app that I haven't used that often, but I do find it amazing & will be using it more often. An app that was produced by Instragram as an extra feature, they both work side by side to allow you to add a few images into one and create a collage. Mirror them, flip, rotate or have up to 9 photos in one, perfect if you want to show a few angles in a photo without uploading the same image more than once, or just to have some fun to share with your friends. 

You can either use the app just to create images and save them to your camera roll, or you can use it as part of your photo taking whilst in Instagram. When your about to take a photo if gives you a little icon that takes you to the app, allows you to create an image, and then loads the image straight back into Instagram...saving a lot of time! 

Another amazing photo editing app, this is one that I haven't used all that often, as I can't seem to help myself from going to the Photoshop Express one, but it is still amazing non the less. It's one that I have found really good for editing those little blemishes that you don't want show and keeping that natural look without making it look too over edited. It is really easy to use and even allows you to touch up, or add to your face with little makeup touches, like colouring your lips or shaping your brows! As well as the pro touch ups, it allows you to have some fun with it & shape your face or  transform it into some really random just for fun! Overall I really like this app & will try and use it more in my Instagram photos. You can get it from the App store, for just £2.99 so get downloading and start tuning your face!

I have only just started playing with this app during the past week and my god is it fun! There are so many things you can do with this app & so many funky tools that allow you to edit, transform, change, add to and create such fun imagery to share with your friends and over social media.

This app can be used just for editing your imagery or as a social media platform itself, by creating an account you can instantly upload your imagery to the app & view other users images that they have uploaded. I personally don't have an account and just use it to edit my snaps, with tools such as, perspective, stretch, adjust, tilt shift and clone it, it gives you the option to completely change the original image that you started off with as well as blur the background to keep yourself more of the focal point in the image.

As well as the changeable tools, it has a huge variety of effects to enhance your images & add some extra colour to them. Have fun with the app or just create a beautiful magazine worthy image, it's up to you. I haven't spent that much time on this app as there is so much you can do on it, I am constantly learning! I love the fact that with their being so much you can do on it, its free so thats a bonus in my eyes! - I need to go off & learn some more about this app and I will keep you all updated.

These are the few apps that I have been dabbling in for the past few week, some longer than others & I have been having so much fun with them, who doesnt love editing their images & making them look better? If you haven't tried these out I would go and give them a try & let me know below what you think :)

Thank you lovelies for reading

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