What I was loving in August

Can you believe its the 1st of September already! It seemed like one min it was August...I blinked & whoosh it was gone! How about that? Well it's that time of the month again, the post to start September off, with what I was loving throughout August.

My Favourites...
Simple | Micellar Cleansing Face Wipes
The Body Shop | Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter
The Body Shop | Virgin Mojito Body Scrub
Bobbi Brown | Art Stick in Harlow Red
Bourjois | Liner Feautre Ultra Black
Garnier | Ultimate Blends The Strength Restorer
Clinique | Take The Day Off Makeup Remover

I have really been loving Simple's micellar face wipes recently, being quite lazy when it comes to removing my makeup I usually just reach for a face wipe and thats me, but with the new craze of Micellar Water hitting the shelves I thought I would give the wipes a try. I just find the wipes much easier than having to use the water on a pad, then apply to your face and having to do that constantly until all your makeup has been removed, so they have been my go to purchase throughout August. The full post on them can be found here.

I really wanted to try out the camomile cleansing butter from The Body Shop since I watched a video on their website some while back now, and although as mentioned above I can be quite lazy with my skincare regime, I really wanted to give this product a go. This product is so beautiful! I thought with it being a wax texture, it would break me out, but it doesn't! It's just that perfect extra help of makeup removal at the end of the day to leave your skin feeling beautifully refreshed & clean.  My full thoughts on the product & how I use it can be found here.

I know I mentioned the body scrub in my last favourites, but I am still loving it! I have been continuing to use it every other day & it's become that popular in the house hold that my boyfriend keeps reaching for it to! I am now at the bottom of the tub & it is so upsetting, because for a body scrub it isn't the cheapest of products and I just don't know if I can bring myself to purchase it again! It just smells incredible though & is super gentle on my skin, one to think about I think. If you haven't seen my post on it, you can find it here.

I found myself reaching for my glasses more and giving my eyes a rest from my contacts throughout August, so because of this Bobbi Brown's Art Stick in Harlow Red has been my go to lip colour ever since! There is just something sexy about black framed glasses & a bright red lip! not to mention how handy & easy this lipstick is, being in a pencil form it's super easy to apply...what a winner! As well as the lipstick, I found myself reaching for my Bourjois Eye Liner more too, I really loved accentuating my eyes whilst wearing my glasses & a golden lid with this eye liner, has been my go to look throughout August. The liner is super easy to use, just like a felt tip & glides on the lids with ease, being ultra black too, you don't have to really go over it to get that dark look.

Something my hair is in desperate need of! Garnier's Ultimate Blends collections are such a blessing for people with coloured or damaged hair & I have tried a few of their different collections in the past, but for me this has been a real hair saver.  I have stopped wearing my extensions recently & tried to reduce the amount of heat I apply to my hair, just so it can mend itself & this conditioner has really helped it get there. It leaves my hair feeling silky smooth & it smells absolutely gorgeous with its heavenly honey scent, it has been my most reached for conditioner throughout the month and a true holy grail. So if your trying to revive your hair I would definitely recommend this conditioner.

Since I found myself wearing eye liner more, I really needed a product that wasn't too harsh on my eyes. The wipes did a fab job of removing my eye makeup, but with remnants being left behind, and me not wanting to scrub at my eyes, Cliniques Take The Day Off makeup remover has been an ideal product for that. I just add a little dab of it to a cotton pad, wipe around my eyes & the makeup just comes right off, easy peasy! It's greasy enough to pull everything off but not too greasy that it leaves your skin feeling clogged. A definite winner for someone who wears a lot of eye makeup and wants a great solution at removal.

Pinterest! A favourite of mine that isn't something I can use somewhere on my body! Just recently I have become totally obsessed with Pinterest #inspo. For any of you that follow my social media, you will find me posting more and more snaps from Pinterest. I don't know what has happened to me, I just can't help myself typing something random in & seeing what pops up. I have been loving it that much, that I have managed to convince my boyfriend to decorate our bedroom & thats what I have been doing for the past week and half! White everything! It has even helped me get some handy DIY tips without having to spend more money...bonus! - I just have a few purchases to do, just to finish it off & I will do a bedroom tour soon....I certainly can't wait until its finished! I am sure that Pinterest will play a role in what I do DIY wise in the future and how I can decorate our house.

So that is all my favourites from August & no doubt my future favourites in months to come!

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