L'OREAL Brow Artist

This has been such a godsend for my fair brows! If your like me and have super blonde brows...like to the point of them almost being invisible, this is that perfect little tint to make them stand out.

If theres ever a product that I find myself going back to time and time again, it is this little gem! This has been my holy grail of products these past couple of months & even more so this past week, since I have reverted back to my ever so natural brunette hair. As you can see I literally have the lightest eye brows ever & when I don't draw them in and leave then, they can barley be seen. I have really been into perfecting my brows recently as I believe they can really shape your face and make your eyes stand out. I do tend to find it difficult though, with the scar in my left one, it makes it really hard to get them even...but as people always say, your brows are sisters and not twins!

I have always used a powder and cream brow set to fill them in but since buying this. doing my brows has never been so easy, especially for those no make, makeup looks. I really wanted to try something different so I reached for this product a while back now and haven't looked back since. It is such an easy product to use & the brush size and shape is so perfect to grab those smaller hairs at the end of your brow, and it doesn't seem to gather too much product, so it is really easy to build on top of. The colour dark brunette is perfect for me & it just gives my eyebrows that more of a tinted colour look rather than the whole filled in approach. I will admit, if you do manage to blob some product a little more than you would like, it is so hard to get off! it just smudges about & it can be really frustrating, but that can all be solved by taking your time.

For me, this is such a brilliant and handy product and for someone that isn't sure on how they should fill their brows in, and if you have super fair brows like me, I would definitely recommend it & it is super affordable at just £5.99 too!

Let me know if any of you have tried this out, and what your thoughts are!


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