Dog walking at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

If you find yourself venturing into Yorkshire any time soon, there isn't a place better that you need to visit than the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

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I fell in love with this place when I moved up to Huddersfield a good 5 years ago now and every time I visit here there is always something new that I hadn't spotted, or a new sculpture added to their collection. It is a place where artists can show off their creativity and share it with the public but in a much more comfortable and open environment.

The weather was so gorgeous on Sunday that me and my other half thought we would venture out for the day with the pooch & whats better than surrounding yourself with gorgeous artwork, nature, open air & sunshine!

With 500 acres of open land to venture around, the architecture and sculptures that are dotted around this huge park are super exciting & the time and effort that must have gone into making them as spectacular as they are is immense. Not only are the sculptures so mesmerising, being such a naturist, I absolutely love the fact that there are wild cattle wandering around, to me I find that so fascinating. The park itself has been growing for over 37 years now & it really opens your eyes to the fascination of art against nature, removing what was usually a barrier between visitors and contemporary art, finding your own way around the park and discovering something new at every corner. To me it really opens up the mind and allows the ever inquisitive to explore art and really take in the surroundings.

The latest instalment to the park, which frustratingly I really couldn't seem to find during my visit, is Wave. It is a beautiful sweeping arch of several thousand red ceramic poppy heads, suspending on towering stalks. Originally standing in London, it was gradually added to over the year of 2014 to mark the centenary of the outbreak of war and now stands at Yorkshire Sculpture Parks Historic Lower Lake.

Wave; Weeping Window

It is a perfect little place to go for a picnic and you can really spend the whole day there, eating amongst sheep and taking in the sheer beauty of your surroundings. These are just a handful of sculptures from around the park, plenty more to take in & of course when I came across a digger with my last name on it (minus the S) I had to take a photo of it!

So if you find yourself in Yorkshire, you love art or you just want somewhere new to venture out to, this place is definitely worth a visit!


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