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This has got to be my all time favourite scent when it comes to The Body Shop products. I find myself time and time again reaching for it, it just smells incredible & leaves me feeling refreshed and clean.

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Eau De Toilette
Body Butter
Lip Butter
Body Scrub
Ultra Fine Bath Lily in Orange

It should come as no surprise that I am totally in love with The Body shop, it's a brand that I find is so rooted to their causes and really does a lot to help the environment and promote change. I just love everything that they stand for & will definitely support the causes they're helping. Besides their roots, they just create some of the most beautiful long-lasting products; skincare, bath, room scents & makeup and there is never anything I am disappointed with.

I am such a huge fan of their body butters, but the Mango scent for me just really stands out! I have tried both their body scrub and the body butter in Mango in the past and absolutely loved them, correct that...still love them! so I am so happy to have some more of these beauties back in my bathroom. The lip butter and fragrance is something new for me, and products that I have never tried so I was really excited to give these a go.

I have to admit I don't usually purchase Eau De Toilette fragrances because they are too watered down and never last that long, but I also find my self throughout the day spritzing my perfumes and going through them like theres no tomorrow! These bodyshop fragrances are the perfect little handbag scents to spritz throughout the day keeping you smelling fresh and beautiful, and actually they do last for quite a while. It's the real fresh scents that I just love about The Bodyshop, they just seem to have this clean aroma about them & this Mango scent just leaves me smelling so fruity all day. For me these fragrances are the perfect handbag essential & I have totally be won over about purchasing some more.

Again, I never really pick up these types of lip butters because I find sticking my finger into a tub, and lets face it we don't all wash our hands before we use them, there is just something unhygienic about it, but this butter smells that amazing! that I can't seem to put it down. It's crept its way into my handbag, and with the weather getting chillier I find my skin and lips really dry out and tend to crack easily, so this little handy tub is another key essential for me. It's texture is so smooth, and as soon as I put it on my lips they feel instantly hydrated and soft. Something I really like about it, I know this will sound strange, is that it doesn't taste horrible. I really hate it when you put on a lip product and it leaves that nasty makeup taste in your mouth, but this has a really sweet taste to it. You only really need to run your finger round the product for a few seconds to get enough hydrating product for your lips, so a little really does go along way.

If this isn't a scent you have tried yet, I would really recommend it, It is definitely my favourite and the Mango scent is so strong and with there being extracts of the oil itself in the products you get a true to life scent of the fruit, super fresh! I have totally been won over with the fragrances and lip butters and will be trying a few more out. Let me know below if you have given these two a try!


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