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This is the first time that I have ventured away from brands that I am familiar with and I think it has been a real eye opener, to start trying out some new products that I haven't really heard of.

OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner | Boots

I must admit, it was the organ oil of morocco that stood out for when whilst browsing in Boots. I have really been into trying to protect my hair recently and bring it back to a healthy state after years of bleaching, which has made it really bitty and dry so a deep penetrating conditioner is something I have really been on the look out for.

As you all probably know, argan oil is a major holy grail in bringing your hair back from the brink of breakage as it really gets into your hair and strengthens it from future damage, and well as softening it. I have been a lover of argan oil for many years now so any product with even a hint of it I am a sucker for.

I have been using this conditioner every other wash for the past few weeks now and I can really tell a different in my hair! I wash my hair about 3 times a week and I find that alternating between products stops my hair becoming used to just the one and it not working any more. My impressions on this conditioner is that I absolutely love it! I have tried so many different conditioners over the years and other than the Ultimate Blends collection from Garnier, this one has really restored the shine and softness into my hair and really helped to strengthen it from the bottom up, leaving my hair super smooth and shiny...not to mention smelling absolutely beautiful!

I put about a 50 pence piece size of product into my hand and work it into the ends of my wet hair, from about the top of my ears downwards, and leave it on for about 5 minutes to allow it to really penetrate my hair, I then rinse it off with the coldest of water I can tolerate, as this helps to flatten the shaft and really lock in that shine and moisture. Since I have put my hair on a bit of a health kick, I haven't really been putting any heat on it but for anyone that does,  this conditioner is perfect for protecting your hair from heat styling as well as UV rays...what a winner!

Overall this conditioner is something that I will be loving for many months to come and will definitely be a product that I will pick up time and time again. If you are wanting to try out some new brands, OGX is definitely one to try. I do think these products all work well hand in hand so I will be picking up the shampoo to go with this conditioner.

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