Silky smooth by Soap & Glory

If its' that winter repair  you are after for your skin, then Soap & Glory have you covered, from beautiful smelling body butter,  moisturised skin, to silky smooth palms & a spritz on the go!

Smoothie Star Body Butter Cream
Flake Away Body Scrub
The Righteous Butter
Clean On Me Body Wash
Hand Food Hand Cream
Original Pink Body Spray
Fruitigo Body Spray
Mist You Madley Body Spray

If you are a Soap & Glory fan, then this bundle of joy is absolutely what you need, and if you haven't purchased anything from them before, these are definitely starters to begin your collection with.

Soap & Glory isn't new to me as I have used their beauty products in the past, especially their Sexy Mother Pucker lip shine which really plumped out my lips and left them looking fuller with a beautiful shine. Their Bath & Body collection is new to me, but I have heard so many fab things in the blogging community, especially about their Sugar Crush collection and how amazing they smell, so I was super excited to try these out.

Smoothie Star is definitely my top product out of this bundle and is what I have been reaching for over these past couple of days. As the weather is getting colder I am really suffering with dry skin so this has been an absolute saviour for me. It has such a rich texture that it glides on with ease and really sinks into my skin giving it that intense moisturising it really needs. I tend to apply it just as I get out of the shower and while my skin is still slightly damp and the great thing about it, is it doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy, it just leaves it with silky smooth and almost edible. I can't express enough how good this smells, with its combination of almond, pistachio and vanilla it is definitely true to its name and I have to admit, I couldn't help but actually taste the product on my hand! - surly I am not the only person who has done that?

Righteous Body Butter, Clean On Me and Flake Away all go hand in hand for me. When ever I use Flake Away and Clean On Me, I can't help but have to apply The Righteous Butter afterwards as they all have a similar scents mandarin, wood and middle tones of florsl. For me all three of these products have a 'cleaner' feeling to them, like they really get into my skin and clean the days carbons off my skin. The grains in Flake Away aren't too harsh for my skin either, so anyone with sensitive skin like myself, hopefully this will work for you too. Again the Body Butter leaves my skin feeling super smooth, soft and moisturised & smelling absolutely beautiful.

Hand Food has now made its way into my handbag! I love a good hand cream and with me working at a desk I just love applying it throughout the day to soften up my hands and stop them feeling dry. Just like the Smoothie Star it smells almost good enough to eat, with its aromas of strawberries, mandarin and bergamot it leaves behind such a beautiful fresh scent & my hands feeling so moisturised. Definitely a winner for anyone suffering with dry hands.

Last but not least are these beautiful body sprays. Soap & Glory have around seven different body sprays and judging by the three that I already have, they all smells amazing. My favourite out of the three is definitely Fruitigo. For anyone that knows me, I love a good sweet smelling scent and out of all the aromas of lemon, peppermint grapefruit and orange, the grapefruit scent is the true contender.
The Original PINK is definitely the more musky of the three, and Mist You Madly has more of a strong floral scent with its freesia and magnolia aromas. The body sprays are perfect little hand bag essentials that allow me to spritz on the go  throughout the day and with their active refresher technology you instantly get a blast of freshness whenever you move!

The Bath and Body collection has definitely won me over and I will be topping up this collection in the new few months! Thank you lovelies for reading & leave me a comment below if there are any other products from their collection I should give a try!


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