My December Favourites



Just a short one for this month! December is that time of year when you spend money on the people you love and a time to give back to those special people in your life, so what I was loving in December is reasonably short as I haven't really purchased anything new for a while.

Lipstick - Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture 101
Sunset Daylight Curing Nail varnish - Barry M
Can't get you out of my red 
Sunset Top Coat
Vengeance Is Wine 
Lash Sensational Mascara - Maybelline
Pink Grapefruit Hand Cleanse Gel - The Body Shop
Moringa Hand Cream - The Body Shop
Mango Eau De Toilette - The Body Shop
ScandalEyes Gel Eyeliner - Rimmel 001 Black
Coconut Oil Pulling For Whiter Teeth - Coco White

When it comes to that christmassy time of year, I really can't help myself reaching for the red shades & this YSL lipstick is an absolute classic and such a beautiful formula that I found myself reaching for it more than any other throughout the month. It was perfect for those party nights when I thought it really vamped up my makeup and made my lips stand out. It's such a timeless shade and a product you really need to get your hands on.

I have been absolutely loving this Barry M nail collection for the past couple of months now and for anyone that knows me knows I am such a fan of their nail polishes & this collection is so perfect for anyone who loves the gel effect, minus the cost! The finish of this polish is gorgeous, super shiny & long lasting. There is no need for that UV light, just make sure you have the Sunset topcoat to finish the look and make it last. Again I reached towards the red shade for that christmas feel, but I really loved the deeper shade throughout Autumn / Winter.

This mascara! What can I say. For anyone that follows me you will know I always stick to my guns and purchase the same Maxfactor Mega Wild mascara and have done for the past few years now. I had heard so many good things about this Maybelline one so thought I would venture out of my comfort and try something new. I am so glad that I did, it is amazing, it literally clings to every lash, doesn't flake away and is super easy to build upon giving just the right amount of thickness and length but still looking natural...This is definitely my top product for the month.

What a shock there are some Body Shop products in my monthly favourites! I think I'm a little obsessed. Without a doubt I always carry a hand cleanse gel in my handbag, but I really hate that alcohol smell that some can give off and the super hand drying sensation they leave behind afterwards, so for me The Body Shop ones are perfect because they do the deed, remove the germies and smell absolutely amazing! This and the Satsuma one are my absolute favourites.

On the same note of hands, this Moringa Hand Cream is so beautiful! I can't get enough of the smell and the texture is so lovely! It leaves my hands super soft without that greasiness that some hand creams can leave behind and with the weather getting colder it has been an absolute life saver for my steadily drying hands. It has been a true life saver and handbag essentials throughout December and will definitely help in those up and coming colder days.

Another handbag essential for me has been The Body Shop Mango Eau De Toilette, it's a perfect sized fragrance to carry around without delving into your expensive perfume. If your anything like me and find yourself spraying your perfume about 5 times a day, this is a great alternative. A little spritz of it throughout the day leaves me feeling super fresh and smelling lovely.

I have always been such a fan of Gel Liners, I just find it super easy to use an angled brush and easily slide it onto my lids and achieve that winged look in no time. After using Eyes Lips Face one for a few years now, I decided to try a different brand and went with Rimmel. It has readily become my new favourite, super black, soft applying & it lasts all day without that lid transfer which drives me mad! because if your anything like me and have quite low lids, its so unavoidable, but this liner is a saviour.

The final thing I have been loving throughout December is CoCo White Oil Pulling for whiter teeth. I am usually quite skeptic about teeth whitening products, some can be quite damaging to the enamel and I am so conscious of protecting my teeth, so anything that is natural is a huge winner in my eyes. I thought I would give it a try and see how it went & I can truly say that it definitely worked for me! I noticed after about 4 days that my mouth generally felt cleaner and after about 5-6 days, I could tell a difference in the colour. I kind of went off track and didn't do it for the full 2 weeks, but for me it was the hygiene benefits that drew me to it and has made me love the product to even recommend it to family and friends.

So that is everything I have been loving throughout December, and I am sure I will continue to throughout the coming months. Thank you lovelies for reading :) & Happy New Year!


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