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If there is any growth solution I can recommend for people trying to revive their hair and get it growing again, it is definitely this!

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Leave in Treatment Spray
Stimulating Hairdryer
My Squeaky Clean Paddle Brush
Hair Dryer Concentrator

I have always been skeptic when it comes to "growth promoting products". For me, healthy eating, the right hair products i.e the less sulphate the better, heat protectants and plenty of water have always been the key to beautiful hair and length. That being said, if you are anything like me, and for the life of you, you just can't get your hair past that awkward between the shoulders and chest length you will do absolutely anything and try anything to help stimulate that growth.

Being lucky enough to have this fall into my hands a couple of month back, I thought? I might as well give it a try, and I can safely say, I have been absolutely proven wrong, hands in the air!

I have been using this growth shampoo every other day now for the past 5 week. It doesn't feel too dry on your hair and can be easily worked into a lather. Once shampooed I add the conditioner to the ends of my hair, from about half way up, and leave it on for about 5 mins. Both products smell absolutely beautiful and contain Apple and Lemon extracts for added shine as well as Green Tea extract for protecting our hair from heat and the environment. They really leave your hair feeling super fresh and clean and smelling beautiful.

For the treatment I use this every other wash so my hair doesn't get used to it. I add this to my hair for 10 mins and leave it to really penetrate the hair shaft and work its wonder. The formula is super thick and creamy, smells gorgeous and really helps to calm and moisturise the scalp from irritation, in turn reducing hair loss, which is definitely something I need. Does anyone else find their just comes out in clumps when washing?

I have the most knottiest hair in the world, one slight wind blast and it just becomes a tangled mess, so trying to find a hair brush that doesn't feel like its ripping my hair out is a really struggle for me. I also have a super sensitive scalp, so I hate to admit it, but this is on that list of brushes that really hurt me personally when brushing my hair. This isn't anything bad on the hair brush itself, I find my hair is like this with any paddle brush. It must be the fact the bristles are so far apart that it grabs more hair and just tugs in all the wrong places.  That being said, when my hair is having a tangle free day the ball tip bristles are really gentle on the scalp and give it that little lick of a massage whilst i'm brushing my hair. It is actually the only brush my boyfriend, who has a really good head of hair, uses every day, so he is vouching its use for hair that isn't so tangle prone.

It is very rare that I actually dry my hair. I have been on the "trying to get healthy hair" kick for a while now, which means as little heat as possible. Health aside, on the days where I end up getting a shower in the morning I do like to dry my hair so I can then style it, and this stimulating hairdryer is so good! Being 2000w, it has a really powerful airflow that dries my hair in no time. Like most dryers it has a 2 speed setting and a 3 heat setting so I can have complete control over what temperature and speed I can dry my hair at. To be honest I never use the cooler setting, I just keep the heat on the warmest and then blast my hair a few times with the cooling button. I just find for me, its easier to control.

I have only used the scalp massaging attachment a few times and I can't officially say whether it has helped with my hair growth, but it does feel really really nice when you slide it around your scalp, drying your hair and getting a massage at the same time...what a winner! If theres ever an attachment I use, its the concentrator for direct airflow one. On every hairdryer I ever use, this is the only attachment I reach for as it stops my hair flinging everywhere and it leaves my hair a little more manageable if i find I don't have time to straighten it afterwards.

To coincide with the hairdryer, is the leave in treatment spray, which actually comes as part of the package with the hair dryer and its accessories. I haven't actually used this as much as the other treatment as I already use so many products on my hair, but during the times I have used it, it has really helped to strengthen and add shine to my hair after blow drying. The thing I love about it is that it doesn't leave my hair sticky, which I have found with some leave in treatments, and it is lightweight enough that it can actually be used from root to tip without leaving your roots looking greasy.

I can officially say that I have been converted to believing in this Hair Growth collection. I just really wish I had a before and after photo so I could prove to you all how much it really does work!


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