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Mini Primark Haul

It has been a great deal of time since I last ventured into Primark, or done any store shopping for that matter, but it was way overdue.

I just love browsing through Primark, there are always some key pieces that really stand out on the rails and look more high fashion, and this skirt is definitely one of those pieces. I am such a fan of stripes and pleats at the moment and its a perfect classy length and in a sheer material which is so in season this spring / summer. I downsized in this skirt to a 6, so it would fit perfectly in a high waist style.

How cute is the detailing on this necklace, I am never usually one for silver necklaces but I couldn't resist, and it sits perfectly below my collar bone.

You can never have too many bangles either! I have so many different shapes, colours and sizes, and of course I needed some to match my new necklace, so I picked these one up for about £1.50 I think they were.

I have been in desperate need of some flat shoes for a while now, I just have a thing for heels and I must be the only girl that doesn't own a pair of flat shoes, even my sneakers have a hidden heel. I am such a fan of Primark for summer shoes though, and these blue teardrop style sandals just stood out on the rails, and for £6 they are an absolute steal! The tan with tassel shoes I just love, the little detailing just gives them something extra and they would go with so many outfits!

Every girl needs a little mani set hanging around in her handbag. I do have the odd tool to help with my nails, but it has been a while since I had the little scissors, which I must admit I will probably use to neaten my brows, and all the extra tools little tools that help keep your nails looking their best,and I am such a sucker for copper and white at the moment too, so evidently I had to have this. I am pretty sure it was only about £3 too.

Don't ask me why I even picked up some false nails, because I am certainly not a girl who gets along with them. I like things to be convenient for me, and false nails are anything but. That being said, I was heading to watch the darts in Manchester so for a £1 I thought I would give them a go. I must admit, I am not a fan of the pointed nail, so I did file them down and painted them grey, but they absolutely lasted, and if it wasn't for me taking them off the day after, they were an absolute bargain for a pound because they were really stuck on! I would definitely purchase these again.

You can always count on Primark (and Newlook)for that matter when it comes to belts, and I actually spotted this on a wall mount on my way out of store, picked it up and went and queued up again! I love a good waist belt, and this tan leather one will be perfect for white shirt dresses and denim.

- In the photos -
Skirt | £10
Navy and Gold Sandals | £6
Tan Tassel Flats | £8
False Nails | £1
Mani Set | £3
Tan Waist Belt | £3
Necklace | £3
Bangles | £2

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