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What I was loving in April

There haven't been half as many products that I was loving last month, but I have picked out just a few key items that I just couldn't put down throughout April.

It seems to show last month that I couldn't pick out anything other than pink, but there is one thing for sure, It was all about  the highlighting and rose shades for the month of April.

I just couldn't put the Naked 3 palette down for some reason, there are just too many pretty rose shades and it seems to be my go to look, simple and elegant with a hint of shimmer. 

There is nothing more I love than a good eyeshadow palette, that is perfect for all year round. This palette has been my go to option for the last month, with its subtle rose shades and golds in-between. I didn't really use the darker side of the palette, as I found those are more suitable for an evening out than an every day look. My most used colours were the first three, using Urban Decays Primer in Eden all over the lid and then deciding between those three for my colour of choice, sometimes mixing as I went along to provide more definition. There is something so classy about a rose shimmer eye, and it really helped to open my eyes. 

Highlighting and contouring have been my go to everyday makeup look for the past month now. I never really had time to get into this trend, and I used to think that highlighting made me look so unnatural as I don't like a heavy makeup look. That being said, this No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter has been an absolute godsend on days where I want to look dewy and healthy with a little glow. It is just subtle enough to add to the tip of my nose and the tops of my cheekbones, without that heavy glittery shine that some highlighters give off, I wouldn't do the whole forehead and nose highlighting though, you might come out looking like a futuristic character.

The Real Techniques Sculpting brush is the only brush that I have been reaching for over this past month. The bristles are super soft and I find its blending ability brilliant, both with cream contour and powder, and its an absolute steal at just £9.99. I tend to use a thinner brush to apply my contour, then blend it in with this one, using a circular upwards motion, its definitely one I would recommend if you are just getting into contouring.

After so many years of using this product, it is still my number one go to for removing extra remnants of makeup from my face. I like to remove my makeup with a face wipe first, and then go in with this Clinique life saver on some cotton pads and remove my eye makeup and the last stubborn bits.

I have never really been one for products that are more oil based, having combination skin it is such a nightmare to find products that don't break me out. That being said, given its oily texture, it has been such a lovely and easy product to use, breaking down all the tough products such as mascara, lipstick and eyeliner which usually requires quite a bit of force, and it doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy.

I think I have had this product for about 6 month now, being used every day, it really does last!

I am so in love with this lipstick. I have been looking for a brown shade lipstick for some time now, but I am not really a fan of a real nude brown, so I was looking for something that has a red undertone, to take the flatness away. I am such a fan of these Rimmel By Kate lipsticks, and when I came across this number 48 shade, I just fell in love with it. Although it does look like a more red toned lipstick, its finish is a deep red brown, almost a maroon colour. I find its that perfect shade of lipstick where you can go with a bold eye too, and you don't end up looking like your makeup is plastered on. For me, its a bold eye or a bold lip, never both.

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