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Hey my lovelies :) - I have decided to create my own tag as I have seen a few people do so, and I would love to see how far it goes :). I decided to come up with the Beauty Disaster tag, so we can get our disasters out there and allow other people to read them, relate and resolve :)!

The idea of this tag is to add your beauty disaster to the list, tag somebody and allow them to resolve your disaster then add theirs to the list, and so on!. This can be absolutely anything you would like relating to beauty.  Lets help each other out and banish these beauty disasters!

So lets get started my beauty disaster is :)....

1) Trying to clean around my fresh nail polish with cotton pads and ending up with fluffy fingers, all the fluff from the pads stick my nails and I then have to spend time picking little fluff bits off my hands!! - Leah Squire:

The person I tag is :

So Jade, can you solve my issue! Take the list and add your beauty disaster, ( don't forget to add your name at the end of the list with a link to your blog ), then tag somebody else :)

Thank you for reading guys, i hope you like this tag :)


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