Baobella Boutique!

Hi My lovelies!!

Hope you're all doing well, so i thought i would kick off my weekend blogging with a little insight into a wonderful company called Baobella Boutique, that i have just come across. I can't tell you how excited i am to bring this company to your attention as it is definitely a company you don't want to brush aside! - So keep on reading to find out more :)

So as you all know us women are obsessed with makeup and all things beauty! and nothing is better than when we get some amazing deals on makeup that you just can't say no imagine one place that you can go to...that constantly have deals on makeup and beauty products?...How amazing would that be? Well its here and its staying and its Boabella Boutique!

About The Company

"Baobella Boutique offers fantastic products at fantastic prices available with a click of your mouse. We founded the Baobella boutique for one reason only...because we hate missing out on fantastic promotions and were unable to find a good specialist beauty website which gave huge discounts combined with top class customer service and fast efficient delivery."

Now hows that for offer? - We don't want to miss out on these amazing offers, and they are giving them to us! Nothings says "lets purchase" than money off a product we really want!

All you have to do is become a member of their website, which is totally FREE!! might i add, and once a member you can select one of the promotions and add it to your cart to purchase :)! 

So this is what the website looks like: 

If you click on "VIEW" on one of the promotions this is where your taken: 

It lets you know the price, and what it used to be :) - as well as the time left for the promotion and how many products are left. All you have to do is then click the BUY NOW button and your on your way :)!!

Now look at that promotion ^^ This one stood out to me because its RRP is £21.95 and for all of those products its only £12.95! brilliant!!

Also girls!!:

Baobella Boutique are giving us and our readers a free Maybelline lipstick worth £7.89 on orders over £10 with the code FreeMlipstick until 30th April!! How generous!!

So girls don't miss out on this amazing company, become a member and start purchasing today! I know I will be!

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