Sam Edelman Heels Review

Hello my wonderful blogging community!

I guess its been a while since i actually reviewed a product, i seemed to have been going off on one with competitions and wish lists!!...One can only wish i suppose!

So it was about time I gave you all something worth reading that you will want to purchase afterwards,....hopefully :)!....

So here goes!

So todays item are my wonderful,very much over worn,  Sam Edelman heels!

So I have just had these amazing shoes reheeled as i over-worn them that much! As you can tell from the image they are very loved, and all I can say is they are the comfiest pair of heels I have ever owned in my life!

My wonderful boyfriend bought them me 2 years ago for my birthday from Harvey Nichols and all i can say is wow! You only have to look at the wonderful design of these shoes to fall in love with them & i must say i do get a lot of complements when i wear them :P!

These heels as you can see have a black suede outer and a leopard print, gold and black inner with the beautiful gold branding on them. The bottom of these heels feel almost cork like and again have the wonderful branding carved into them. They also have this very pretty stitch like design on the sole which I love, as little details like this stand out to me and i can really appreciate a good design when i see one. 

Even though i have had them for over 2 years, i love the fact that the sole of this shoe has stayed in tact and hasn't worn down as much as my other heels have done, which i think is due to the corky style bottom that doesn't scuff like other soles, definitely a plus for me :)  

The heel is a kitten style and attached at the back of the shoe is this amazing gold metal studded detailing with a corset tie up thread throughout, how pretty is that!!. It feels very sturdy and solid and just finishes this heel off amazingly! 

The fit of this heel is very snug and true to size and the shoe itself has this cushioned inner which just makes them so comfy when walking about and i very rarely end up with sore feet after a night out....definitely an all night heel! They are very solid and i would definitely recommend any heels from this amazing ladies company! 

I don't actually think they sell my shoe anymore as it was a while back when i got them, but you can check their new collection out on the website and look at some of there other beautiful and unique heels.

I can guarantee that if you purchase a pair of heels or shoes from this company you will not be disappointed and you will return for more purchases throughout the year :)

So go girls make a purchase!! Let your feet feel the comfort they deserve and be good to them!...#TreatYourFeet

Website: Sam Edelman
Twitter: @Sam_Edelman
Pinterest: SamEdelman

Don't forget to check them out and follow their social media for the latest updates and new season trends :)

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