Leather Skirts & Bird Shirts

It's a Boohoo official post! I am such a sucker for a BooHoo.com piece & these two items just stood out to me when I was browsing through their website...which I must admit...I do on a regular basis! They have such wonderful priced pieces & their clothes are always a perfect fit! I have so many items that I have purchased from them, & they will be up on the blog throughout the month :)

I actually purchased these two items together for a work outfit, but you can never go wrong with a leather skirt! I have been after one for ages & straight to Boohoo i went...found the perfect shape & size for myself, and it just so happened that i stumbled up this shirt as well. Leather skirts are super versatile and can be worn all year round, for an event, work, or just as a day time outfit & at just £10 its amazing! 

The print of the shirt just stood out to me & I thought it was lovely to have that thick strip of black down the middle to break up the pattern as well as the collar to match. I love animal printed items & I just loved the mix of the flying and still birds dotted around the shirt & the long sleeves keep it looking sleek. The good thing about this shirt that also drew me to it was the length of it, its short enough to wear under a skirt of this length, that it won't show, but long enough that you can throw on some leggings underneath & it won't cut off your height....perfect! This shirt is so easy to style with any form of lower layer & the colours allow it to be worn with colourful bottoms!

I teamed this lovely outfit with these beautiful leather and gold studded heels. I just love the leather to match the skirt. The full boot style is so comfortable & the open toe allows for your height not to be broken in half! The gold studded pattern I just love! They are super comfortable & are just the right height that your feet don't feel like their going to fall off! I apologised again...(jesus im terrible at this!) but i haven't a clue on the price, but i do know their from Littlewoods :)

Bird Print Shirt - Boohoo
Liz Wet Look Scuba Box Pleat Skater Skirt - Boohoo
Leather Heels - Littlewoods

Thank you my lovelies for reading & i hope you enjoyed it =]

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