Silky Reds

How beautiful is this print! As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I am one of those people that see beautiful clothes on people, and when I ask where its from they say Primark! & I never see anything!

After not going in for about 2 years! I finally went in and seen this little beauty & some other lovely things. The pattern of this just stood right out for me, with the beautiful humming birds, butterflies and flowers, its just one of the girlies tops ever! plus, its red, which is a bonus for me!

Its a lovely silky material with a high neck, both at the back and front & hangs slightly lower at the back, perfect for wearing with leggings, because if your anything like me, I hate Jersey leggings when a top doesn't cover the bum. I picked this up for just £4, and its such a versatile little top that it goes with any kind of item on the bottom half of your body.

Love Leah 


  1. You're so pretty! Gorgeous outfit, will definitely have to pop in to Primark soon and see if they have any of these left :)

    L xo
    Head full of flowers

    1. Thank you lovely :)!! They do! Ha i went in yesterday & picked up a few bits and bats & they still had some in there :P well in mine anyway ha xx