A Boohoo Takeover!

I absolutely love the scalloped back on that playsuit, it just adds that little feminine detail to a plain black outfit.

I can't tell you how in love with the Mila Box Pleat Skater Skirt i am! I will definitely be purchasing it by the end of this month for my birthday :)
I swear to god i cannot for the life of me find the last blouse item on boohoo at all now! & I only seen it a few days ago :(, but i fell in love with the colours, theres just something so Autumn Winter about them :)

Anybody that follows my social medias or reads my posts will know for my love of Boohoo.com! It has always been my one stop shop when looking for a dress or some beautiful key pieces. They have the most amazing and sometimes unique pieces for a brilliant price as well as quality, with the sizings always being perfect! It has always been a place i have recommended to friends & family and encouraged them that they will not be disappointed if they shop there! 

What I love about this website is that they offer the catwalk option on their clothes so you can see exactly how they would look and flow whilst walking, which I find so useful! 

I have recently been browsing through their website and come across some beautiful pieces that I am totally lusting over. It took me so so long to narrow down my items to just a few but I did & I thought I would put them in a post for you, and hopefully make you want to purchase them too :)

Have you shopped Boohoo before?